Chamber Organ

This is my chamber organ, made by Henk Klop in Holland.  I believe it's the only one of it's type

in Britain.



Here is the organ in Salzburg Cathedral, being used during the Salzburg Festival in a concert directed by Nicholas Harnoncourt, immediately before it was delivered to my garage in Walthamstow.


The case is finished in cherry wood and the 4 stops (ranks of pipes) are 8ft, 4ft & 2ft principals and an 8ft stopped flute.  The largest pipe of the 8ft principal is indeed 8ft (2.43 metres) tall.  The tall pipes are connected to the main organ by a wooden connector.  If the two are disconnected, the notes from F at the top of the bass stave  down to low C revert to the stopped flute 8ft pipes in the main organ.


All the stops are divided so that you can have different or additional stops above and below

middle C.

PHOTO Katie Delamatter