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PHOTO Paul Tucker

In 2002 I started a concert series called Music in the Village in Walthamstow, London E17. This year, 2024, is our 22nd season!

For twenty four years, I was the bass player for the English Concert.  

In 2003 I volunteered myself to manage St. James' Baroque and ended up running for over 20 years.            Be careful what you volunteer for! 

One of SJB's fine trumpet players, Richard Thomas, has taken the band over -

I still play for St James' Baroque - violone, violone grosso and sometimes, bass viol.


followed by

Wednesday March 2nd

Fitzwilliam String Quartet 

play Purcell, Schubert and Britten

Music in the Village 2024 season


next concert   June 12th

London Viols                                               with Paul Nicholson organ


play music by

Orlando Gibbons, William Byrd, John Jenkins & a new piece commissioned by

Music in the Village,

written by Liz Dilnot Johnson.


You can hear O'r Galon written for Emily White - premiered on 27 Feb 2021

Here are London Viols, returning from playing in Mallorca.

Peter McCarthy - violone player

Welcome to my website!  

I play a variety of different bass (and double bass) string instruments.  




Concerts will last about 65 minutes, with no interval, until further notice.

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