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London Viols

Here we are, at St. Michael and All Angels, Walthamstow!  That's Mark Caudle in the middle, playing treble.  When I first started playing on period instruments, over 40 years ago, Mark was the first baroque cellist I worked with.  We have kind of grown up together in early music.


Between Mark and me is Louise Jameson, also playing treble.  Louise hides her light under a bushel;  not only London's top dog orchestral administrator, Louise is a fine playing musician too. Ilana Cravitz started the London Kletzmer Quartet and wrote a book about kletzmer violin playing.   Ilana is playing tenor, on Mark's left.  We all bow down to Reiko Ichise (on the right), Goddess of the Viol.  Reiko is playing tenor viol too.


PHOTO Paul Tucker

This is a clip of us rehearsing in St. Michael and All Angel's in Walthamstow -  filmed by Chris Hartland.

Because it came via Youtube, other clips come up at the end.  Trying to resolve that, sorry!

Playing Purcell's 5 part Fantazia Upon One Note,

the one note seemed a natural fit for me so Reiko played bass! It's a dream come true for me to play viol consorts with them all.


If you're in need of viols for a consort anthem, just let me know.  We can even come and play in your kitchen - better be a big kitchen.