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What am I playing on?  How long have you got?

For my double bass work, I use a 3 string bass, labeled Leopold Widhalm (Nuremberg 1720) and

a 4 string processional bass, probably from the Iberian peninsula.  


Roger Dawson made me copies of two instruments he had restored: a low bass viol in G by the Busch family of  Nuremberg (circa 1640) and the very large 17th century bass violin in the Royal collection bequeathed to Prince Albert by Dragonetti.


Mark Caudle made me a small bass violin, a copy of a Brothers Amati instrumen, currently strung in Banchieri's bass violin tuning.


I  play a 7 string bass viol (after Bertrand) by Robert Foster and a 6 string bass (after the small Bertrand in the Brussels museum) by René Slotboom.  Then there's the large medieval fiddel and... Did I hear

you yawn?

3-strings-base125 4strings_violone125 7-string_a-Bertrand125 Six_strings125

In 2012 a Henk Klop chamber organ made the journey from Salzburg Cathedral to my garage in Walthamstow .   I believe it's the only one of it's type in Britain. ( See full description and photograph)

Carved_head_full_instrument Carved_head_detail Kantele_2_4w

At the moment I'm learning to play Kantele, the national instrument of Finland.  Somehow I seem to have three of them: 26, 37 and 39 strings.






A. copy of a viol by Bertrand      

B. bass viol in G after Busch (c.1640)  

C. Leopold Widhalm 3 string bass  

D. a processional bass, probably Spanish.

Here an Egyptian oud - though I  usually play (sort of!) a Kuwaiti oud in traditional 5 course tuning.  It's very interesting learning the micro-tonal scales.

Above are shown details of the head of a bass viol by Robert Foster.