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Gli Amici della Rana

I figure that Gli Amici della Rana has run it's course, It's quite a lot running London Viols, St. James' Baroque and Music in the Village - on top of my writing projects.


Each dog must have it's day: once in a while I put together a group for my own musical projects

which I called Gli Amici della Rana.  Why that name?  Why not?


A lot of people have been Amici for projects: Catherine Martin, Elizabeth MacCarthy, Karin Björk, Jane Norman, Jane Good, Caroline Balding, Jane Carwardine, Sarah Moffat, Miki Takahashi, Theresa Caudle - that's just the violinists.


For my 60th birthday I put together  a programme of Schütz, Scheidt, Monteverdi, Castello, Buxtehude and Biber with sopranos Gillian Keith and Emily Atkinson.  James O'Donnell played my Klop organ.  It was a truly wonderful concert.   Too bad I was 60 as well.  


Lots of musicians form a group to do something they are particularly passionate about: sometimes to perform in new ways, sometimes to save lovely music from neglect.   One such project I've been really glad to be involved in is Clare Salaman's 'Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments'.  That has been a lot of fun  


PHOTO: Anna Alcock

Playing at Inky Cuttlefish studio during the E17

Art Trail.