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While I was at school, I wrote music.  Playing instruments came later.  My teachers suggested I attend Leeds University to study composition with Alexander Goehr.   That was a great idea.  I found his teaching inspirational and I'm still thinking about things he said today.


Playing took over and I wrote nothing for many years, but I started to write again a while back.

Esperanza for baroque oboe and harpsichord, was written for my partner, Gail Hennessy.    

Steven seemed delighted with the harpsichord part so in 2016 I wrote him two pieces - one for harpsichord, Flats, one for fortepiano.

close up of 3 string bass viol

Other pieces I wrote, and have been performed:

Esperanza - Gail Hennessy, baroque oboe & Steven Devine, harpsichord.


Flats written for solo harpsichord, performed by Steven Devine.


Or Galon - a soliloquy for trombone against a drone, for Emily White (a musician to inspire other musicians).   Premiered at the Tin Hut, Aberdeenshire and on the Welsh borders since then.

I wrote Berry Hill in memory of Iain McGillivray.  It was premiered  by the Fitzwilliam String Quartet on March 18th 2020.  They played it twice that night;  this is a recording of the second time.  The audience collection will fund a piece for next year;  my piece came free to ensure we still had a Walthamstow premiere in 2019-20 season!  Many thanks to the Fitzwilliams for allowing this recording to be made.

Other pieces waiting performances

Some keyboard pieces I wrote, Stepping Stones, I Remember, a piece in search of a title and Coragio (a piece I wrote for Trevor Pinnock's 60th birthday) are all looking for a performance.


During 2019 I wrote Vender, an unnaccompanied violin solo for Miki Takahashi.   Miki intends to premier it in Basel, 2021.


In the meantime this is the 'lockdown' premiere.

Berry Hill


Written for Malachy Robinson.

A Distant Kiss

A Distant Kiss, for string quartet was a present for Lucy Russell, first violinist of the Fitzwilliam Quartet. It's been played by the Fitzwilliam Quartet at several concerts since the premiere in 2012.

I made a different version of that material for string

quartet violin/viola/cello/double bass for the  Robinson Panoramic Quartet.