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While I was at school, I wrote music.  Playing instruments came later.  My teachers suggested I attend Leeds University to study composition with Alexander Goehr.   That was a great idea.  I found his teaching inspirational and I'm still thinking about things he said today.

      Playing took over and I wrote nothing for many years, but just over ten years ago I started to write again.

     Esperanza for baroque oboe and harpsichord, was written for my partner, Gail Hennessy.  Gail and Steven Devine performed that at the Dartington Summer School in 2012.  Steven seemed delighted witht the harpsichord part so this year (2016) I wrote him two pieces - one for harpsichord, one for fortepiano.  In August 2017, Steven premiered the piece for harpsichord - "Flats".

    February 2018, I just now wrote fabulous trombonist Emily White a soliloquy (with drone) " O'r Galon".

     A Distant Kiss was a present for Lucy Russell, first violinist of the Fitzwilliam Quartet.  They've played it several times  since 2012.  I rearranged it to include double bass for the  Robinson Panoramic Quartet.


2 piano pieces I wrote, Stepping Stones and a piece in search of a title, still look for a pianist to play them.

close up of 3 string bass viol