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While I was at school, I wrote music.  Playing instruments came later.  My teachers suggested I attend Leeds University to study composition with Alexander Goehr.   That was a great idea.  I found his teaching inspirational and I'm still thinking about things he said today.


Playing took over and I wrote nothing for many years, but I started to write again a while back.

Esperanza for baroque oboe and harpsichord, was written for my partner, Gail Hennessy.    

Steven seemed delighted with the harpsichord part so in 2016 I wrote him two pieces - one for harpsichord Flats, one for fortepiano.


A Distant Kiss was a present for Lucy Russell, first violinist of the Fitzwilliam Quartet.  

I made a different version of that material for string quartet violin/viola/cello/double bass for the  Robinson Panoramic Quartet.

Some keyboard pieces I wrote, Stepping Stones, I Remember, a piece in search of a title and Coragio (a piece I wrote for Trevor Pinnock's 60th birthday)

are all looking for a performance.


I'm looking forward to hearing Vender, unnaccompanied violin solo written for Miki Takahashi.

close up of 3 string bass viol

Pieces I wrote, and performed in recent years:

Esperanza - Gail Hennessy, baroque oboe & Steven Devine, harpsichord

A Distant Kiss for string quartet, played by the Fitzwilliam Quartet at several concerts since 2012.

A Distant Kiss in the Robinson Panoramic Quartet version played a few times now in Eire.

Flats for solo harpsichord performed by Steven Devine

Or Galon - a soliloquy for trombone against a drone, for Emily White (a musician to inspire other musicians).   Premiered at the Tin Hut, Aberdeenshire and on the Welsh borders since then.