Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy - violone player

Welcome to my website!  

I play a variety of different bass (and double bass) string instruments.  

St. James' Baroque  performed J. S Bach's b minor mass - called the "grosse catholische Messe" by the Bach family - at Milton Court with the BBC Singers last night (October 21st).  Paul Brough conducted.  Check out the broadcast on BBC Radio 3 at 7.30pm on November 1st (or listen again for the following 30 days.

Below is a photo of London Viols rehearsing!

PHOTO Paul Tucker

I play violone and violone grosso, sometimes large bass violin,  for  St James' Baroque.  

In 2003 I volunteered myself to manage the ensemble too and ended up running it for 12 years.  Be careful what you volunteer for!


For twenty four years, I was the bass player for the English Concert.  


In 2002 I started a concert series in Walthamstow, London E17 - 'Music in the Village'.




If you have read, or are about to, my lecture on tuning trends for the International Society of Bassists 2009, I'm in the process of  revising it right now.  Soon I hope to have an updated text up to read.  Since the 2009 version is still up, one crucial change: my list of low tunings now starts in 1592 and NOT with Agricola and Gerle.


PHOTO Paul Tucker