Peter McCarthy

Peter McCarthy - violone player

Welcome to my website!  

I play a variety of different bass (and double bass) string instruments.  

This autumn I plan to start my own viol consort - London Viols.  We start rehearsing next month.  Right now I'm busy collecting enough viols.  Some instruments may have to go to make room for new arrivals!

PHOTO: Paul Tucker

I play violone & violone grosso, sometimes large bass violin,  for St James' Baroque.  In 2003 I volunteered myself to manage the ensemble too and ended up running it for 12 years.  Be careful what you volunteer for!


For twenty four years, I was the bass player for the English Concert.  


In 2002 I started a concert series in Walthamstow, London E17 - 'Music in the Village'.



This year, for our summer solstice Son et Lumiére in Walthamstow I played a recording of plain chant from the Cathédrale d'Auxerre, sung by Ensemble Organum from the choir books made between 1714 and 1741.  It was such a beautiful event Music in the Village is going to end with it next season.  At least 500 candles guaranteed!

Just in case you are wondering what the instrument below this text is, it is a Kantele from Finland.  This is a wonderful chromatic kantele made by the Koistinen family.  If you look around my website you will find another, simpler instrument by the same makers.