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Peter McCarthy - violone player

Welcome to my website!  

I play a variety of different bass (and double bass) string instruments.  

St. James' Baroque are playing in the magnificent Durham Cathedral tonight, Friday July 20th, as part of the Durham Brass Festival.

Bach's D major Magnificat and A major Lutheran mass as well as the second Brandenburg concerto - with Simon Munday taking the trumpet solos.

Daniel Cook, Organist and Master of the Choristers, is conducting and solos are sung by members of Durham Cathedral Choir.

PHOTO Paul Tucker

In 2002 I started a concert series in Walthamstow, London E17 - Music in the Village.




On my lectures page you can find some articles I've written, including a concise note for composers writing new music for old instruments.


PHOTO Paul Tucker

For St James' Baroque  I play violone and violone grosso, and sometimes large bass violin.

Here are London Viols, a group I decided to start in 2016, rehearsing at St. Michael and All Angels in Walthamstow, London E17.

Anna Alcock was Artist in Residence for the Music in the Village 2017-18 season and will be sketching for the first few concerts of next season too.

For twenty four years, I was the bass player for the English Concert.  In 2003 I volunteered myself to manage the ensemble too and ended up running it for twelve years.  Be careful what you volunteer for!

   PHOTO Peter McCarthy

This is my colleague Miranda Hill, who flew from Australia, to study violone with me.  Miranda is a wonderful  exponent of contemporary and improvised double bass playing but felt the call of baroque music and wanted to engage with playing violone, an instrument too few people have taken the trouble to engage with.

I never knew anyone to learn so fast.  It's been a really great experience for me too; after all, teaching and learning are but two sides of the same coin.